Table booking system for your restaurants. Neat, cost saving, and most importantly, user-friendly and straightforward.


Manage and arrange bookings more effectively

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So easy, even your intern can use it

Quickly manage bookings, queueing, and tables with an iPad. You'll wonder how you ever survived by pen and paper!


Increase queuing efficiency with these key features

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Consolidated Information and Multi-Display
Quickly browse daily reservation lists, table maps, and customer information at any time. Reservations from various platforms are integrated and displayed across multiple screens once in full view.
Automated Reservation Confirmation
By implementing Inline, you can automatically send reservation reminders to customers, minimising the chances of human error and enhancing reservation management efficiency.
Configurable Open Table Periods
Offer fully customizable floor plan setup, specifying the number of reservations per time slot. Avoid overbooking and manage VIP tables, ensuring complete control over table availability.
Advance Deposit Management
Inline offers a seamless advance deposit feature, fully integrated with our payment system for direct online credit card transactions. Effortlessly track deposit status on tablets, ensuring smoother and more efficient financial management.
Business and Customer Data Security Management
Rest easy knowing your data is fully secure with Inline, prioritising the confidentiality and protection of your information.


Voucher or Coupon essential features

Custom Based Project and Voucher Campaign:
The Oras welcomes project-based integration using our APP. Customization can be made to meet your unique needs, including a diverse range of voucher options, to elevate customer experience.